How to replace your Camel Card (if it is lost, stolen, or damaged)

If your Camel Card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can follow this procedure to replace it:

  1. Contact us to have your old card locked so that nobody else can use it.

    Also please let us know if you are unsure of your username or password for logging in to the Cardholder Portal. Our contact details can be found here: Contact Us

  2. Attend any Thirsty Camel outlet and request a replacement card - these are provided at no charge.

  3. Log in to the Cardholder Portal at with your username and password.

    If you've forgotten your username or password, please contact Thirsty Camel Support.

  4. Click Add a new card on the left.

  5. Select Register Now (Thirsty Camel) from the range of card types.

  6. Enter your new card number and click Verify Card.

  7. Once your new card is added to your account, your balance will then be available on the new card and your new card is ready for use

    Note: There is no need to transfer points - the points are linked to the account, not the individual cards, so by linking your card to your existing account, your points will be accessible.


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